Our products are inventions that are based on already existing products but with improved functionality. For all our products, Erik von Schoultz has identified a problem, a challenge and a solution. Our goal is that our products should never be disposable, they should never wear out. Instead, they will stand the test of time. Find the story of each product on this page.



The challenge was to invent a nutcracker that does the hard work and collects the shells. It has to be able to crack any nut, be easy to press without risk of pinching your fingers and not send the shells flying everywhere. I tried all possible designs, but a double lever function integrated with a tapered tube proved to be the best solution. It took a while to get right, but that's okay because it's designed to last forever.



The idea came to me when I saw that a candle in a wine bottle could burn all the way down. I decided to invent a candlestick that would make the candle burn as efficiently as possible. The holder is designed to be stable while allowing both candles and tea lights. The candles burn down completely, no candle spillage and you don't have to clean the holder.



Tea is one of the world's most loved drinks, so the tea strainer needs to be a special tool. We found existing tea strainers didn't match our passion for tea so we created a new one.
The taste of tea is important, but so is how you brew your tea. The Drosselmeyer tea strainer has an elegant imperforate spoon with a sliding lid. It is easy to fill and can be placed directly on the table after use. The clever design means that there is no spill even from the finest leaf teas.


Seafood bar

The challenge when creating the seafood cracker was to design a cracker that required the least amount of effort, while not damaging the meat.

We tried all possible solutions, but in the end we realized that double levers are the best option, just like for our best seller the nutcracker. This solution adds power and super strength needed to crack the shells.


Key ring

FreeKey Key holder allows you to quickly and easily connect keys to your key ring by pressing the ring itself. This simple design eliminates the difficulty associated with attaching keys to a key ring simply press the ring to open.

The challenge was to create a key ring that made it easy to get keys on and off without breaking your nails. We realized that the solution was to use a push mechanism instead of pull. The secret was in the angle of the scale in the stainless ring. The leverage created by this "bump" made adding and removing keys very easy. And handcrafting a large number of prototypes we eventually came up with the perfect design and FreeKey was born.


Jörgen Smörniv

"I am handmade from wood. It can be any type of wood depending on what I find in the woods. With the brass tail included, I am 17 cm long, 5.5 cm high and 2 cm thick. I come in a very exclusive gift box."