Crafted to last for generations

The Drosselmeyer journey began in 2000, when the inventor Erik von Schoultz began exploring innovative ways to improve everyday products. Since then, our focus on high-quality design has taken us from a workshop in Sweden all the way to MoMA in New York.

Our first product – the Nutcracker – was an immediate success, winning international design awards and best-in-tests. Today, it is displayed in the Swedish National Museum's permanent design exhibition. In addition to nutcrackers, we also sell crafted candleholders and seafood crackers. Our latest product is a patented tea infuser that will revolutionize the way you brew your tea.

Products With a Purpose

We want to act as a counterbalance to the wear-and-tear society, and place as high demands on our design as we do on material and function. To us, value is created when a product has a real purpose. Most of our ideas never reach the market, but those that do have undergone thorough testing. Our strong belief is that if we can't make something better, we shouldn't make it at all.

Founded by a True Inventor

Drosselmeyer's founder Erik von Schoultz always dreamed of being an inventor. At the age of 9, he started his first clay-car design company, and at 13 he created his first attempt at a commercial product. Over time, Erik has developed a design process based on the assumption that a simple solution, requiring the least amount of parts, is always the best. This led to the "Magical Three Philosophy". Erik found that by using three parts, you get an exponential growth in simple complexity. Add an energetic spring, and magic happens.