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The Keyholder

The Keyholder

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  • Easy to put on keys without having to bend them open
  • The key ring has small rings, for each key. Practical to be able to easily remove keys you don't want to carry with you at the moment
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Saves the nails
  • Swedish innovation and design



Stainless steel


FreeKey Keyholder allows you to quickly and easily attach keys to your keyring by pressing on the ring itself. This simple design eliminates the difficulty associated with attaching keys to a key ring simply pressing the ring to open.

The challenge was to create a key ring that made it easy to get keys on and off without breaking your nails. We realized that the solution was to use a pushing mechanism instead of pulling. The secret was in the angle of the wave in the stainless-steel ring. The leverage created by this "bump" made adding and removing keys very easy. And hand-making a large number of prototypes we eventually came up with the perfect design and the FreeKey was born. 

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