Our products are inventions based on already existing products but with an improved functionality. For all our  products Erik von Schoultz identified a problem, a challenge and a solution. Our mission  is that our products  will never be throwaway items, they will never wear down. Instead, they will bear the test of time.  Find the story about each product on this page.

The Nutcracker

The challenge was to invent a nutcracker that does the hard work and collects the shells. It had to be able to crack any nut, be really easy to squeeze without any risk of pinching your fingers, and not send the shells flying all over the place. I tried all kinds of designs, but a double lever action integrated with a conical tube turned out to be the best solution. It took a while to get it right, but that's okay because it's designed to last forever.

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The Orb

The idea came to me when I noticed that a candle sitting in a wine bottle could burn all the way down. I decided to invent a candlestick that makes the light burn as efficiently as possible. The holder is also designed to be as stable as possible while allowing both candles and tea lights candles. The lights burn down completely, no stearin spill and you do not have to clean the holder.

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The Tea-infuser

I found that many of the existing tea infusers were not user friendly. They lacked the ability to simply fill it and retain the tea inside the infuser. Another dilemma was where to put the infuser after use not to create spillage. To solve these problems, I created a non-perforated spoon with a sliding lid. The spoon allowed easy filling while the fact that it was non-perforated made it possible to put directly on the table after use. The tightly sealed lid ensured a complete retention of even the finest tea leaves.

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The Shellfish Cracker

The challenge when I created the shellfish cracker was, to make a cracker that could crack the hardest shells with the least effort without damaging the meat. I tested all sorts of solutions but eventually I realized that the double leaver functionality of the nutcracker again turned out to be the best solution. This solution gave the push and super strength need to crack the hard shells.

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The Pupill Candleholder

The challenge was to create a candle holder that could hold a large variety of candles. What came to me was to copy the technology of a chuck … a tool designed with the sole purpose of holding rods of variable diameters. However, in order to express the function more clearly, I copied the more well know design of a camera shutter. So, the Pupill can be seen as the amalgam of two old and well now technologies applied in a new product category.

The Freekey keyholder

The challenge was to create a key ring that made it easy to get keys on and off without breaking your nails. I realized that the solution was to use a pushing mechanism instead of pulling. The secret was in the angle of the wave in the stainless-steel ring. The leverage created by this” bump” made adding and removing keys very easy.

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