OUR STORY – Erik von Schoultz, engineer and head-designer

Erik always dreamt of being an inventor. At 9 he started his first clay-car design company, at 13 he created his first attempt at a commercial product. By the year 2000 the dream became reality. Over time Erik developed an ingenious design process based on the assumption that a simple solution, requiring the least amount of parts, is always the best. This led to the Magical Three Philosophy. A solution is attempted using only one part, then another and finally a third is added. At three parts the magic happens with an exponential rise in simple complexity! If an energetic spring action can be included, the deal is done.

Making things by hand and exploring the relationship between body and tool is essential to Erik’s design process. This is an intricate and painstaking process but it creates unique products with extra-ordinary functionality vastly different from others on the market.
Erik’s design process allows him to stay true to his belief that if he can’t make it better he won’t make it at all.


Drosselmeyer is a Swedish design and innovation company established year 2000. All products are invented and designed by the founder, innovator and head-designer Erik von Schoultz. At Drosselmeyer we know that quality and functionality is as important as style. It’s part of our design DNA to create technically superior and durable products.

The first Drosselmeyer, the nutcracker, was an immediate success, winning international design and best-in-test awards and is proudly displayed in the Swedish National Museums permanent design exhibition. Most of our ideas never come to market, but the ones that do have all been through our rigorous design and testing procedures. This in order to ensure that they will last for generations.

Engineered for generations.


Our design philosophy is simple “if we can’t make it better
we don’t make it at all”.
Everything we produce is beautifully considered, crafted and engineered because a Drosselmeyer product is made to last forever.



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