Drosselmeyer is a Swedish design and innovation company producing kitchen utensils and smart home decor. With 20 years of experience, we have become experts on unique solutions. Drosselmeyer's nutcracker has received awards for its design and won best-in-test for nutcrackers worldwide. And we are proud to be represented in the Swedish National Museum's permanent design exhibition.

Great reviews for the nutcracker

"Crack Nuts Without the Mess. This handsome nutcracker works by putting a whole nut in the container and pulling the lever to allow the inside mechanism to smash the shell. Bits of shell stay in the heavy container."  — The New York Times

Drosselmeyer products

About Drosselmeyer’s Collection

Drosselmeyer combines the strength of Swedish craftsmanship with groundbreaking functionality. Our collection of kitchen utensils and innovative candle holders act as a counterbalance to today’s throw-away society. But our goal is greater than that. We want to create products that last forever. So far, so good.


Create more with less

Erik von Schoultz, Drosselmeyer's founder and Head of Design, has developed his own ingenious design process. It is based on finding a solution that requires the least amount of parts. Crafting objects by hand and exploring the relationship between body and tool are also part of the process. This way of working requires patience, but it has given us several unique and patented products.

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