The light!

In these times, we need simple beautiful things around us.Things that last and that we keep for a long time. All our products are timeless and made to fulfill a function. One product we would like to highlight is our Orb Candleholder.

The idea came to us when we noticed that a candle sitting in a wine bottle could burn all the way down. It may drip some and may not be the most aesthetically satisfying, but we still decided to invent a Candleholder that makes the light burn as efficiently as possible. The holder is also designed to be as stable as possible while allowing bot candles and tea lights candles. The lights burn down completely, no stearin spill and the holder does not need to be cleaned.

The Orb Candleholders are classic and have over the years been a much-appreciated gift. In addition, the Orb fits just as well on the table in town as in the countryside cottage to brighten up the midsummer night.