Erik von Schoultz our innovator and chief designer

Erik von Schoultz our innovator and chief designer

We asked Erik some questions about the development of our latest product, the Drosselmeyer tea infuser.

What attracts you to everyday life products?
- The simplicity of those things. What attracts is to make everyday objects more user-friendly.

Why a tea infuser?
- I drink a lot of tea and the tea infusers that are available are so useless. They leak and are difficult to fill.

What does your innovation process look like?
- I am interested in solving problems and can focus on a solution for a long time. It's not about intelligence but more about patience. Inventing is like fishing.

- I draw on a drawing board, not on a computer, and I have my own workshop. First I made a basic sketch with the right proportions and dimensions and then I made a prototype in the workshop. I tried different variants of a spoon with a lid. So simple!

Are you satisfied with the result?
- For me, it was important to make a well-functioning product. You buy it not to look cool but to make tea. It is a spoon, with a lid, in stainless steel and it lasts for 10,000 years. I'm so tired of all the marketing with superlativ. What is valuable is what is used every day and products that last for a lifetime. That's what I like to do. A good tea infuser and a bicycle are all you need.