The Tea infuser - Set of 2

The Tea infuser - Set of 2

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  • A set of two tea infusers in individual boxes
  • Elegant design with micro perforated sliding lid
  • Works with even the finest teas
  • Easy slide up to fill the scoop with tea, slide down and dip in your cup
  • Very easy to clean
  • The design blends a minimalist sculptural expression with precision engineered stainless spring steel and food safe poly-carbonate

The story behind the product:

Statistically speaking, if you’re not drinking water you’re probably drinking tea – so making it shouldn’t be a chore. The challenge was to invent a tea infuser that was just as easy to clean as it is to fill. My infuser also needed to work with all different kinds of tea – even the ones with really fine leaves that usually slip through the gaps. And after you’ve used it to make a lovely cup of tea, the infuser can be placed on the table without making a mess.

Erik von Schoultz, Inventor

Material: Stainless steel and black polycarbonate spoon.
Color: Black with silver lid
Measurements: H 15cm B 3cm
How to use: Link to video