Our story

About Drosselmeyer Design Group AB

It all started with a nut that had to be cracked. Drosselmeyer’s founder and innovator Erik von Schoultz was confounded by how difficult it can be to use a traditional nutcracker; an incredible amount of power is needed and it’s a messy mission. After months in the toolshop Drosselmeyer’s first product, our award-winning Nutcracker, reached the market. As a three-fold winner of Smartson’s “Best in Test” award and with a market stretching over 19 countries we are incredibly proud of our bestseller.
What started out with cracking a single nut kickstarted a process that today make up the foundation of Drosselmeyer’s Design Studio.

“If we can’t make it better, we will not make it at all”

The design philosophy of Drosselmeyer is based on the simple idea of looking at design and function as two equally important components of a product. When we look at a household product we see it as a challenge to lengthen the products durability and a chance to improve the usability of a product that might have been slightly neglected. We don't only try to find ways of enhancing the user experience by making the product easier to use; We also aim to create a beautiful item you don’t have to hide away in your kitchen.
With a process focused on allowing the design to develop organically, we test each prototype thoroughly before we pick what we are truly proud off and send it off to production. Today we offer a handful of products that have passed every stage in our long, rigorous design and testing procedures. With a continuously growing product portfolio we can now proudly offer products with the promise that they will work, they will simplify and they will last.

We create beautiful, functional everyday tools for your home. Drosselmeyer is not your usual design studio. We are a company of design visionaries, nutcrackers and innovators with the ambition to continuously develop and better the everyday tools and beauty of homes around the world. Who knows which tough nut we will crack next?

About Erik von Shoultz

Erik, the head designer and founder of Drosselmeyer Design Group, was born in Karlstad in 1970 and grew up in Stockholm. He has always been interested in problem solving and after completing a bachelor’s degree at Boulder University in Colorado he put aside his education and got himself a set of machinery. A self-taught innovator, Erik believes in solving problems by presenting best-in-class solutions. One of mankind’s first challenges was nut cracking, so Erik decided to start there. In due course he invented a nutcracker with a double lever that makes it easy to swiftly crush even the hardest nutshells without requiring herculean effort. Erik’s nutcracker has won Smartson’s “best in test” award three years in a row and is sold in 19 countries.

The common denominator behind all of Erik’s patented solutions is that they should have a minimum of moving parts. As a designer his idiom is Scandinavian, unadorned and clean. Erik has his own philosophy of innovative design and always begins by asking himself: Is this the best way to solve this particular problem? His goal is that his products will be better than others available on the market, because Erik wants his innovations to change the way you do things and think about products.

Erik’s design process is organic and he prefers to start with pen and paper. By also producing his prototypes by hand Erik sees how his ideas interact with reality. Mistakes are a natural part of the design process and often lead to unexpected discoveries and opportunities.
This approach is time-consuming and arduous, but to Erik there is no better way.