The Orb Candle Holder

The Orb Candle Holder

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  • Elegant rustic design
  • Stable construction
  • Cast iron
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows you to use the whole candle from top to bottom
  • Just open the ORB and use its lower part to use the candle competely

The story behind the product:

The idea came to me when I noticed that placing a candle in a wine bottle enabled the candle to burn down completely. It’s a bit messy though, and not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. So I set myself the challenge of creating a candle holder that allows candles to burn as efficiently as possible, with channels that improve combustion. The holder is also designed to be as stable as possible, and accepts both candle sticks and tea lights. Candles can be consumed completely, no wax is spilled and there is no need to clean the holder.

Erik von Schoultz

Material: Solid cast iron
Color: Cast iron
Measurements: H 8cm B 8cm
How to use: Link to video