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The Tea Infuser, Gold

The Tea Infuser, Gold

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  • The new tea infuser
  • Easy to fill and easy to clean
  • Elegant design with micro-perforated sliding lid
  • Works with even the finest tea leaves
  • Can be put on the table after use without dripping

Because tea is one of the world's most loved beverages, tea infusers need to be special instruments. We found that existing tea infusers didn’t match our passion for tea. Brewing flavor is essential, but so is the art of infusing tea with no spillage.

The Drosselmeyer tea infuser is a beautifully simple non-perforated spoon with a sliding lid. It’s easy to fill and being non-perforated means you can put directly on the table after use. The ingenious design ensures no spillage from even the finest tea leaves.

Material: Stainless steel 
Color: Gold
Measurements: H 15 cm, W 3 cm

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